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About Pladot Inc.

Pladot Mini Dairy (PMD) is a manufacturing and engineering company specializing in the design and manufacture of Milk Processing Plant mechanical systems that incorporate automation. We are passionate about innovation and technology, and about creating custom-made products for our customers.


Pladot Mini Dairy was established by a group of dairy farmers at an Israeli Kibbutz (which is an agricultural commune).

The farmers were looking for ways to utilize milk surpluses that the coop wouldn’t take. Since the Kibbutz, Ein Harod, owned a metal factory, they decided to build a mini dairy to process the milk.

  • We assigned a Kibbutz member to learn the secrets of the trade, and the first mini dairy opened its doors in 1984.
  • We made yogurt, cheeses, and dairy drinks for local consumption.
  • The concept proved successful and soon other farmers followed suit.
  • We built for them the mini dairy equipment, and trained the farmers on operating it.


Since 1984, we’ve installed over 300 small-scale dairy plants worldwide. The principle has remained - we provide high-quality dairy processing equipment accompanied by personal training and professional support.


Your success is our success.


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