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Automatic CIP system

Automatic CIP system

4 insulated tanks of 1,000 L St.St. 304 (caustic soda, acid, first water, fresh water).

Includes manhole, air vent, level sensors.

CIP centrifugal pump 35,000 L/H.

Sanitary online filter 2" 304.

Plate Heat Exchanger.

Controlled butterfly valve 2" for water and CIP, PH sensor, dosing pump for caustic soda and acid.

Control board including PLC control automated process.

System is supply on St.St. skid as a complete unit – ready for installation.

System duty:

  • Perform on demand automatic flushing processes for tanks and pipelines.

System advantages:

  • Save manpower time.
  • Ensuring a quality and uniform washing process throughout the year.
  • Save Cleaning materials.
  • Documentation of the rinsing process.
  • Water saving.


Automatic CIP system
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