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#Cheese Vat with Pneumatic Stirrer

The cheese vat is designed for a variety of cheeses.


  • Stainless-steel 304 -2 mm, with four legs
  • Dimensions: 120x80 cm., 60 cm. deep
  • Volume: 500 liters
  • Plastic cover
  •  Lifting bar to raise one side for draining
  •  2” outlet with butterfly valve and a deep calibrate stick
  • Pneumatic agitator connected to the compressed air hose
  • The design and the fabrication comply with the sanitary milk standards for cottage cheese vats








The pneumatic curd stirrer is designed to process hard cheese, stirring the curd efficiently. It connects to the vat with two pins.

  • Pneumatic piston: 40 mm diameter x 600 mm length
  • Leader bars
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Control system

Two stirring stainless steel plates with tight screws


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