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Cups Filling and Sealing Machine


  • Automatic rotary machine suitable for filling yogurt into plastic cups. Cups are sealed with pre-cut lids.
  • A rotary structure design;  all the operation stations are installed in a sequence one after another.
  • Pneumatic and electric operations for easy maintenance
  • Servo motor for rotating the rotary working table
  • Build according to PMO standard
  • Manufactured in stainless steel 304
  • All parts in contact with the filling product made of stainless steel 316
  • High-quality final production. Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Machine equipped with electronic sensor for cup presence (no cup, no fill)
  • All operations controlled pneumatically under the command of an electronic control system
  • Control box fitted with programmable logic controller PLC for adjusting of the packaging parametric
  • Records data and sends alerts on failures
  • Electric net suitable for 380V, 50/60Hz (may vary in United States)
  • Air consumption in 6-8At (compressor and dry air supply by the customer)


















Manual Filling and Sealing Machine


  • For liquid such as milk, yogurt, and soft cheese
  • Filling volume: from 100 ml. to 1100 ml.
  • Output: 10-20 portions/min
  • Portable semi auto filling machine
  • Single head piston filler
  • Available to fill any size/shape of packages
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