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The homogenizer includes:

 Pump Unit

  • Pump block from stainless steel AISI 316
  • Suction and discharge valve units spherical in stainless steel AISI 316 up to 3.000L/h, mushroom-type shaped in stellate beyond 3.000L/h
  • Suction and discharge valve seats in tungsten carbide up to 3.000L/h, in stellate beyond 3.000L/h
  • Valve springs in long-lasting stainless steel N° 03 highly resistant pumping pistons, chromium-plated stainless steel AISI 316, or carbide plating or ceramics by request
  • FDA-conforming gaskets and O-rings


Homogenizing Units

  • Homogenizing head in long-lasting stainless steel (SA) or tungsten carbide (A)
  • Homogenizing unit equipped with an automatic regulating unit to stabilize the homogenizing pressure
  • Manometer stainless steel AISI 316



  • V-belt used between motor and countershaft, and toothed belt between countershaft and crankshaft
  • Pump transmission in spheroidal cast iron, one piece
  • Countershaft and crankshaft made of thermally-treated steel
  • Electrical device on board (terminal box)
  • Electric board fixed capacity (standard voltage internal machine)
  • Complete set of specialized tools and keys for ordinary machine maintenance
  • Spare part maintenance kit
  • Complete set of special tools and keys for ordinary machine maintenance
  • Spare parts maintenance kit
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