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Powder Mixing System

Features of the powder mixing system include a stainless-steel hopper with a 4HP centrifugal pump, a stainless-steel lid, three adjustable legs, and a start/stop switch with a control board. All parts that come in contact with product are made of 304 stainless steel.
It is designed for mixing milk powder with water/milk and other powders and additives for preparing yogurts, cheeses, juices, and proprietary ice cream mix. It can also be used where fluid milk is not available, and there is a need to make reconstructed milk.


  • Electrical consumption: 240V/480V, 3 phases, 60Hz/50Hz, 10Amp
  • Stainless-steel hopper: 90 lbs. with centrifugal pump 4HP
  • Stainless-steel lid: based on three adjustable legs
  • Start/stop switch with a control board
  • Stainless-steel tank (1,100 lbs.), with an insulating layer, an electric stirrer and draining valve
  • Manufactured according to the EU regulations.


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