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Yogurt Production

Yogurt Production


The milk is pasteurized and cooled to process temperature. You can then produce set yogurt or stirred yogurt.


Set Yogurt

  • Bacteria is added to pasteurized milk (natural or flavored).
  • The product is pumped into the filling machine.
  • The product is filled into plastic cups.
  • The cups are transferred to the incubator where the correct temperature is maintained.
  • The product is delivered to a cooling room.


Stirred Yogurt

  • Milk processing is the same as in set yogurt, but incubation occurs in tanks, not in cups.
  • When the product is ready, the yogurt is stirred.
  • At this point, additives such as fruit or puree can be added.
  • The yogurt is transferred to the filling machine and filled into plastic cups/jugs.
  • The product is delivered to a cooling room.

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